Customize Your Wall

A beautifully rendered 3D drawing allows the school to envision the classroom even before the manufacturing and building process. Teachers can modify the design using unique layouts in a graphic, interactive real-time 3D environment. Almost like a video game, the teacher, and the whole class, can see what the new room is going to look like, and tailor it to their needs. A fully functional Teacher’s Wall can be installed and made operational in only six hours.

  • Clock/Bell

    A graphical user interface makes it easy for an administrator to see the school layout, easily setup class schedules or create special bells anytime.

  • Intercom

    Incorporating an Intercom system into every Teacher’s Wall provides additional safety, allowing a teacher instant hands free access to the administration office.

  • Device Controller

    A control panel is an LED device similar to today’s iPhone used by the teacher to control all the features in your Teacher’s Wall.

  • Amplifier

    The singular focus of our amplifier is to make a difference in classroom sound reinforcement, which has been shown to improve students’ academic successes.

  • Micro-Console

    A micro console gives you access to the best educational content on the web displayed right on your HDTV, allowing you to bring the brightest minds into every classroom.

  • WLAN

    We provide a 100% cloud managed WLAN solution for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.

  • Wireless Teacher Microphone

    When a microphone is introduced, everyone in the classroom can hear what you’re saying. Studies show that a teacher’s microphone lifts your voice to the back row, helping those students learn.

  • LAN

    Your LAN provides copper cable and high speed fiber to each classroom allowing devices to communicate securely with the internet. We future-proof your LAN to eliminate forklift upgrades.

  • GPON

    Classroom Networks Corporation can design and build a scalable 10/40/100Gbyte campus network infrastructure. Our GPON Technology reduces your school communication closets to a single room.

3D drawing wall

Teacher's Experience

Bringing the best minds into every classroom

teachers-experienceTeachers can modify the design of their wall using unique layouts in a graphic, interactive real-time 3D environment. Almost like a video game you can see what your new wall is going to look like, and tailor it to your needs.

The interior of the wall is where you’ll find a cloud brimming with education technology, allowing you to bring the world’s best minds to your students. The basic interactive platform includes a plug and play control unit to manage network connectivity; a high-end audio amplification unit with directional speakers, helping to lift your voice to students in the back row; a micro-console allowing you to mirror your iPad, iPhone, or Android device to a 75” HDTV; and high speed connection to the school’s network.

A powerful safety feature can be added now or post-installation – our internet protocol-based clock/bell/intercom system incorporates an intercom system into every Teacher’s Wall. This provides the teacher additional safety allowing you instant hands free access to the administration and principal’s office. The Teacher’s Wall each have their own IP address so in addition to ‘call-all’ for general school announcements, classrooms can be grouped together or individually for personal or pre-recorded messages.

Regardless of the design or options you choose, our installation team can install a fully functional Teacher’s Wall and make it operational in only six hours. Our personal trainers can then get you operational in an hour with direct follow up to refresh or answer any questions.

Audio Amplification & Case Studies


Teachers with a Microphone Increase Learning, Comprehension, and Reading Scores

  • “A Teacher’s microphone system increased numbers of first raders reading at grade level by 50%”

    Children hear more sitting in the front of a classroom and have a better ability to discriminate words and spoken language and score higher on tests

  • In a five-month study of first grade students, classrooms with microphones had twice as many children achieving significant literacy gains
  • Children farthest from the teacher can miss up to 40% of what’s being said. An audio amplification system lifts the Teacher’s voice to the back row where students regain the advantage of students in the front of the classroom