The Division of State Architects (DSA) document a process or series of steps that DSA staff and/or external stakeholders must complete in order to fulfill one or more administrative requirements of DSA’s plan and construction review programs.

Completing the pre-check (PC) approval process allows us to streamline DSA’s plan review by providing a procedure for approving the design of commonly used structures prior to the submittal of plans to the DSA for construction projects.

The PC approval process allows designers to incorporate designs for structures that have already been “pre-checked” by DSA into their plans for actual site-specific construction projects. PC approval is one prerequisite for “over-the-counter” (OTC) review; see Policy PL 07-02 for additional OTC requirements.


logo-green-building-councilThe past few years have been fantastic years for the green-school movement. Because of the outstanding efforts of thousands of leaders and volunteers across California we have a lot to celebrate. Through extensive planning, experimentation, careful investments in new products and technology and collaboration with community members and policymakers, schools all over are becoming healthier, greener places to learn, work and play.

Our products are a direct result of this hard work and collaboration. The Teacher’s Wall will continue to strive to exceed rigid LEED standards. Today we offer a deep material vetting process that won’t chew through your design budget.


logo-recyclingOur Teacher’s Wall uses aluminum in the frame because of its light weight, strength and aesthetic properties. Frames are made with mostly virgin content and more recycled content each year.


Our products offer standard chromacoat which is certified by SCS to Indoor Advantage® Gold, a designation that meets LEED IEQc4.5 and conforms to the CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.1-2010 (effective January 1, 2012) for the school classroom parameter.


A durable and attractive surface finish, Thermofoil is a 3D laminate material that is thermoformed to an MDF tile. The process is seamless, eliminating unsightly lines and sharp corners, and boosting infection prevention. A Thermofoil tile wall on standard or NAF MDF is SCS Indoor Advantage® Gold certified and meets the requirements of LEED IEQ credit 4.5.


The Teacher’s Wall is brimming with exciting, futuristic technology. The interior of the wall is where you’ll find a Cloud brimming with education technology, allowing a teacher to bring the outside world to their students. The basic interactive platform includes a control unit to manage network connectivity, a high-end audio amplification unit with directional speakers, helping to lift a teacher’s voice to students in the back row, a hosted gigabyte WiFi connection, digital media player, and micro-console, high speed connection to the school’s network, and possible expansion for upgrades and future proof options. Micro-console-compliant devices include the iPhone, iPad, or Android, whose content can be displayed onto the classroom HDTV.