Customize Your Wall

A beautifully rendered 3D drawing allows the school to envision the classroom even before the manufacturing and building process. Teachers can modify the design using unique layouts in a graphic, interactive real-time 3D environment. Almost like a video game, the teacher, and the whole class, can see what the new room is going to look like, and tailor it to their needs. A fully functional Teacher’s Wall can be installed and made operational in only six hours.

  • Clock/Bell

    A graphical user interface makes it easy for an administrator to see the school layout, easily setup class schedules or create special bells anytime.

  • Intercom

    Incorporating an Intercom system into every Teacher’s Wall provides additional safety, allowing a teacher instant hands free access to the administration office.

  • Device Controller

    A control panel is an LED device similar to today’s iPhone used by the teacher to control all the features in your Teacher’s Wall.

  • Amplifier

    The singular focus of our amplifier is to make a difference in classroom sound reinforcement, which has been shown to improve students’ academic successes.

  • Micro-Console

    A micro console gives you access to the best educational content on the web displayed right on your HDTV, allowing you to bring the brightest minds into every classroom.

  • WLAN

    We provide a 100% cloud managed WLAN solution for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.

  • Wireless Teacher Microphone

    When a microphone is introduced, everyone in the classroom can hear what you’re saying. Studies show that a teacher’s microphone lifts your voice to the back row, helping those students learn.

  • LAN

    Your LAN provides copper cable and high speed fiber to each classroom allowing devices to communicate securely with the internet. We future-proof your LAN to eliminate forklift upgrades.

  • GPON

    Classroom Networks Corporation can design and build a scalable 10/40/100Gbyte campus network infrastructure. Our GPON Technology reduces your school communication closets to a single room.

3D drawing wall